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Frequently Asked Questions

How to search an item online UNAKU

    Shopping on Unaku is easy, after you log in your Unaku account, using the keywords on the search bar, you can find the items that you are looking for and click to enter. Alternatively, you can click the 'Category' button form our home page and choose the item you want from our categories. To know more detail about the how to search the items, please click Here

What about UNAKU’s Delivery and Payment?

We offer 4 options for your payment and delivery: Paypal, Bank Cards Transfer, Pay on delivery and Call to order; You can receiver your parcel within 3 days in Nigeria after you have confirmed your order with us. To know more detail about the payment and delivery policy,  please click Here

How I buy from UNAKU online shopping mall?

Shopping on Unaku is very simple; only need 7 steps, Step 1: Visit on your phone, laptop or desktop computer. Step 2: Choose the item you will like to order Step 3: Choose the color and size of an item Step 4: Click ‘Buy Now’ Step 5: Check your order summary Step 6: Choose deliver to doorstep or pick up from our warehouse in Lagos Step 7: Now click complete order to go straight to payment page and place your order. Cancel the order Please cancel your order in the order center page. And click the “cancel”button under the order you want to cancel. To know more detail about the how to make your order, please click back to check Here

What does UNAKU sell?

We are UNAKU online shopping mall. Unaku Fashion targets middle and high women customers. Our design concept is elegance, uniqueness, energy and casual luxury. We are selling Lady fashion, women clothing, perfumes, kids shoes and household equipment. Unaku committed to provide the high quality products. You can identify Unaku products and price in our category page by clicking Here


After-sale and return an item

We provide the after-sales services to ensure the best shopping experience in Unaku, which is 7-day return policy. you will need to tell us the quality problem of the item and we will handle your returns.

Feel free to text us at Whats, please DM to 07067786808 

What is UNAKU Point?

We reward the Points to all customers who have bought from Unaku; every 500 Naira spent on unaku product is one point and with points, customers can exchange free fashion accessories such as earrings, hats and etc.

To know more information about the Points, please click Here


How Can I earn Money from Unaku Online mall

How I can earn money as UNAKU Marker or apply to open your brand store online unaku mall. You can apply from your user center by clicking 'commission'---'open my brand store' and we will chat with you via whatsapp. For more details about marketers, Unaku provides big benefit to you as our Marketer, and you can earn money through us. For more information, please go back to check our blogs from homepage and read "Earn Naira Online as our Marketer" Please click Here

How I can get and use Coupons to save money when I buy from UNAKU?

We offer the E-voucher for customers to save money, and when you get coupons from us, you can use it to deduct the pricing of your orders to save money. To know more detail about how to use coupons, please click Here

Contact with us when you are shopping online UNAKU

Unaku provides the Live Chat and Call to order services when you do the online shopping. There are 4 options: Option 1: Have quick chat with us by clicking the whatsapp button online. Option 2: Chat Button Takes You to WhatsApp Option 3: Click on Call Button; Option 4: Shop by Call to Order: To know more detail about the Live Chat, and how to contact with us, please click Here

Refund& Return

We provide the 7-days return services and you can return the product within 7 days after the delivery.

Feel free to text us at Whats, please DM to 07067786808 

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