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How to Search Items at

Psst! New to Unaku and you have no idea how to find what your looking for? You’re in luck we will show you how.


Shopping on Unaku is easy as a Sunday morning. All you need to do is first Log onto and wait for the homepage to load.



On the homepage, look out for the search bar located on the top of the page that is highlighted by the magnification glass icon.


On the search bar, using keywords, type down the item you are looking for and press enter!



This will prompt the system to display the list of items that you will be able to pick from depending on your preference.


Unaku being good on its promises on delivery, you are also going to be able to  filter according to what you are looking for on our platform.



To do so, Click on the ‘Screen’ tab on any category of the website and a variety of filters will appear. Click on the filter that best suits your needs to find the item you are looking for.



Like we said, shopping on Unaku is as easy as a Sunday Morning.


Happy Shopping.