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Job and cooperation
As a partner of UNAKU in any form, there is not allowed to fraud by taking the “UANKU” name, and UNAKU is not responsible for any kind of behavior. If there is any damage to UNAKU’s brand image and customer, 10 times compensation will be required.
Clothing Designer
Get your designs produced in Unaku clothing factory for free. Then earn up to 12% sale commission as your design fee. We have different programs for illustrators and tailors start this cooperation with us.
Design Your Own Clothing Line With UNAKU
Unaku Offline Store
We supply store free clothing to sell and share up to 30% sales commission to stores who apply to be our chain stores. And we also offer wholesale price for clothing stores to earn retail profits if apply as our agent stores
Get Free Clothing stock, Earn Sales Every Single day
City Partner
Register as an Unaku City Partner for free (training blogs provided) and experience our various functions, introduce the different Unaku programmes you like to other people and earn commission bonus fee when they join.
Become City Marketer And Get More Commission
Bloggers & YouTubers
Offer your rate to Create publicity for UNAKU
UNAKU's clothing factory
Produce your designs thousands pieces at our factory.