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5 Ways to Get Gifts on UNAKU Online Shopping Mall

2020-06-03Click Volume: 3039

Would you like to get all these gifts including hair, necklaces, bangles, bags for free?


You only need A FEW steps to get started.

 Visit  on your phone, or download our app UNAKU to create your own UNAKU account.

 Then follow the below 5 ways to earn UNAKU points and with points you can exchange free gifts mentioned above since every gift has a point price.

Click here to have a look at our free gifts mall, you will see many gifts you want to exchange.

Now let's Start your UNAKU trip to earn points and exchange gifts.

There are Five options for you to earn points:

1.Take Short Video for UNAKU

Use your leisure time to take short videos for UNAKU’s products so you can get 2 points for every video, and you will need to find a product from UNAKU Online Shopping Mall or DM to 07067786808 . The more videos you take, the more points you earn. 


2. Get 2 points for every customer you recommend to sign up via your referral link.

Visit to create your account and copy your referral link from your user center. Keeping referring people to sign up via your referral link and our system will track how many people sign up via your link and show you in your 'marketer center' in your 'user center'. Each registration is two points.  If anyone uses your link for purchases, you will get commission from their purchses. The commission will bre recorded at your 'marketer center' in your 'user center' and you can withdraw your money.



Therefore, we suggest you:

1.Announce your link among your friends and followers.

2.Advertise the products you like regularly and leave the link for people to sign up or purchase from.

3.You can follow us at Instagram(unaku_fashion) and facebook(unaku africa fashion) and join our whatsapp group by click here.

For more steps about commission earning, please visit Marketer affiliated.

3.Shop at UNAKU

When shopping at UNAKU, each 500 Naira that you spend is worth one point.

Starting your UNAKU online shopping experience today and enjoy our free gifts.

To know how to redeem points into gifts at unaku online, please click here for the steps and there is a video below to show you how-to.

points 明显.png

4. Answer the Question from UNAKU Fashion Blogs

Read UNAKU fashion trends blogs from the homepage, Earn points by answering blog questions.

Click here to read our blogs : 


5. Follow UNAKU 

Follow UNAKU's different social media platform account, there are many opportunities for you to get points through our posts. You can follow us at Instagram(unaku_fashion) and facebook(unaku africa fashion


Here is the video how to exchange gifts at Unaku.

Earn points by answering questions

When shopping at UNAKU, how many points can I earn by spending 3500 Naira? (1points)
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