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Be UNAKU Co-brand Marketer

2020-07-14Click Volume: 2117


Get 15k with Each 10 High-Quality Woman Clothing Boutiques Registered at UNAKU.

Be UNAKU Freelance Co-brand Marketer.

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Requirements: Only look for High quality original women fashion designer brands, they can be fashion design studios or fashion boutiques, online or by the street, remember the clothing quality is our concern.


Step 1:

Visit to create your referral code/link and get familiar with your tracking center.




Step 2: 

Let qualified brands owners you have found to sign up through your referral link. Check their successful sign-ups from your ‘Marketer center’.




Why brands shall have their online store at UNAKU online:

UNAKU is a high quality women clothing brand and UNAKU online is for only qualified. It is free and fast to sell on UNAKU. We will handle delivery, promotion and the brands on UNAKU will have a dashboard to track their sells. The only thing we charge from vendor brands is a commisison from their sells at UNAKU and UNAKU will settle the commisison percentage with vendors.


Guide the brands owner to sign in through your link and guide them to their own 'user center', then they will need to click 'vendor center' and click 'open my brand store' to apply to sell at UNAKU online. 



UNAKU will review their application within 24 hours and come back to boutiques for the details discussion. After UNAKU has approved the brands to sell on UNAKU, you can check the brand is being reviewing or authorized by UNAKU  from your UNSER center. Only Authorized brands will be counted to your commission. Please note thatvendor marketer is not paid for every vendor selling online Unaku, only the Authorised vendors will be paid for.


For every 10 brands authorized on your referal, we pay 15k Naira. 

If you have gotten the first 5 authorized brands, we will pay 5k; when you get the other 5 brands authorized we pay 10k, so 10 brands for 15k Naira. you can start another 10 brands work and get your second 15k Naira. So it is up to you to get more earnings.

Now sign up and get started! You can follow us at Instagram(unaku_fashion) and facebook(unaku africa fashion) and DM to US by click here.

There is the how-to video about how to start your earnings with UNAKU.

Earn points by answering questions

When you got 20,000 naira, how many authorized brands did you find? (1points)
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Ekpe Ogbu

Jan 29, 2021 02:23

How I will be earning true here