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Collect Likes & Get Gifts Free

2020-03-01Click Volume: 12979



How to win?

Step.1   Like this post on our page/Instagram and follow us, sign up at ( this is to show proof ).


Instagram is unaku_africa_fashion

if you are on facebook and you cannot tag our page, you need to add this?--"sign up at to start  your run" 


Step.2   Share this post to your page/time line and ask your friends to like. With enough likes, you can get the accordant gift. You have 48 hours to collect enough likes from the time you post.

Step.3    your write up must tag us and at least 3 friends and say: I am at Unaku giveaway and I want No.X free, so I need X likes to get it within 48 hours from now!

Please leave a message to 07067786808 if you have any questions about this campaign.

Every person can have one chance to get one gift before 10th, March.

Earn points by answering questions

From the day you post, how much time do you have to collect enough likes? (1points)
24 hours
12 hours
48 hours
42 hours
Click the button above , Choose your option !

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