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Common tools and basic techniques in fashion painting

2020-07-07Click Volume: 1823

Costume design painting|People with zero foundation can also learn fashion design and painting !!!


Yes you read that right.You can also learn fashion drawing techniques with zero foundation.

Common tools

1.White highlighter

2.   pencil

3.   mechanical pencil

4.   needle pen

5.   Marker

6.   Marker Pen

7.   Eraser


The above tools are easy to use and recommended

1.needle pen:General needle pens are waterproof.It won't bloom when coloring with a marker, and the thickness of the pen tip can be selected.

2.Color gel pen:You can draw outer contours in different colors with this pen, and it is much more naturally than using black contour lines directly.

3.White highlighter:Wrong lines drawings can be covered with a white highlighter.It can brighten partial areas, and you can also use the highlighter to draw lace, sequins and other effects.

4.Marker Pen:The wide head can be used to polish a large area, the flanks can draw thinner lines,and the round head is generally used to depict details.

The importance of lines to a painting

When a picture is presented in front of us, besides the dynamics and colors, the proportion of lines is very important, because Lines are the vitality of artistic expression. Lines can be long or short, thi


Earn points by answering questions

What should be paid attention to when repeating drawing with marker pen? (1points)
Highlight brushstrokes, rich levels.
Create a three-dimensional sense.
Coherence and reduced brushstrokes.
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