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Design Theme No.1 Ankara+X fabric dress

2021-06-29Click Volume: 1351


Hi lovely designers, this theme is for you to design a dress using combination of Ankara and one other fabric such as lace, chiffon or cotton etc. So we call Ankara+X fabric dress.

This kind of dress is for ladies who have their own business or a 9-5 job so they need the outfit show their elegance and confidence. The Ankara is national beauty and the its combination with other fabrics makes it modern and sharp.

Before you design, you can have a look at UNAKU fabrics library. Click here to check more and save your favorite fabrics.

插图2面料图 (1).jpg

After you have designed your dress, please upload to your designer center at UNAKU as the steps shown below:

插图3 第一个截屏画稿设计师首页,圈住designer center,截屏下面写 UNAKU Homepage—Join us---clothing designers-illustrators;第二个截屏点开designer center,圈住 upload designs (1).jpg

UNAKU team will approve your designs to public voting section if your designs are with our design theme and you can invite your friends to vote for you, the high votes you get, the bigger chances you get design fee or massive manufacture in UNAKU factory for a big sale and win commission.

插图4 助力列表,有一个稿助力进度条完整了。 (1).jpg

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