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Design your own clothing line with UNAKU

2020-11-06Click Volume: 681

Are you fashion women clothing designer?

Do you have own clothing design drawing?

Here, UNAKU provides the platform for you !


Unaku designer programme is for all designers to grow and gain publicity. All woman fashion clothing designers who can make excellent designs, here is an opportunity for you to earn at Unaku.

All that is required is to have own design, not stolen, and the design should be for high quality woman fashion.


There are two ways to earn through Unaku designer programme:

1. Get design copyright fee from Unaku when your design is adopted


2. Share design with Unaku to manufacture the design and earn commission from the production sales.


It is absolutely free and easy to join our designer programme. 

Step 1: Application

Visit or download our App. Click User and open Designer Centre or go to Home and Click “ Clothing Design House”. Click the Apply button and then the Apply now button to fill in the application form. We will receive the application and get back to you within 24hours. 



Step 2: Upload design

When the application is successful, go to Designer Centre and upload design draft, at least two clear pictures for one design, showing back and front views. The draft must also be colourful and designer can recommend fabric and accessories to the design. Unaku will review the uploads and approve within 48hours.


Step 3: Marketing

After approval the design will be ready and showing in the Clothing Design House on Unaku website. People will be able to buy or like the designs online. Your design store can also be shared by anyone on all social media platforms to get more sales, more exposure and more people to know about your designs.


Grab this opportunity and let your talent earn you Naira. Remember, it is free to apply.


Earn points by answering questions

Which option is incorrect in the following statement (1points)
There are two ways to earn through Unaku designer programme
A design draft must have three clear photos
You can find your design draft in Clothing Design House
Click the button above , Choose your option !

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