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How to judge the quality of clothes from accessories

How do you judge the quality of clothes at a glance and create your own high-quality wardrobe? Can you determine which clothes are good or bad at a glance when shopping? Do the accessories on them help you distinguish high-quality from inferior clothes? Yes, undoubtedly because the most important element of a piece of clothing is its accessories!

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Let's start with the buttons.

People's requirements for buttons are not necessarily limited to functionality. They focus mostly on the button’s beauty, hoping that it is more artistic and decorative, and that it is personalized. UNAKU starts from the details, focusing on the selection of each button, so that each piece of clothing becomes its own artwork!

 In this green-printed long skirt design, the same color green glass pearlescent buttons are used to create a whole different sense. When we were doing the selection, our consideration was on how to use the green pearlescent arrangement on the surface of the button in a way that it would be corrugated and bright. This brings a cat eye effect which is an advantage, thus improving the overall texture of the green printed long skirt and highlighting its beauty and high-end taste.

 I hope that the sense of shining diamonds with green buttons will bring you endless self-confidence that will make you prepared to face unknown challenges. We always want you to believe that you deserve more beauty and as such, create stylish and elegant-looking pieces.


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Similarly, UNAKU is not just limited to the functionality of buttons when it comes to the design of jumpsuits. The unusual button design and placement on the shoulder allows people to unintentionally find different effects and increases their return rate. When choosing pearls as the finishing touch of this skirt, we let the whole dress look lovely and elegant while retaining its beautiful elements, making the visual effect excellent. Using the pearl element in the decoration of female clothing brings about a classic and subtle impression. Pearls are classic and will never be outdated. For elegant women who are more than mature, pearl buttons are an excellent choice to highlight their temperament. Pearls are gentle and elegant, and have a pure and noble quality that shows off your female beauty. 


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Buttons do not only connect the clothes, but also play an embellishment role on them. They are therefore an indispensable part of clothing. In addition to their practical function, they also make the finishing point of the clothes’ design. Go shopping at UNAKU to find your button art!

Lace strips

UNAKU makes full use of lace elements in the design of clothes. It creates the magical matching effect of lace in different details of decoration such as the skirt and shoulder detail design.

The design of the UNAKU printed skirt below does not incorporate the direct use of lace, but uses a bit of lace in a flower pattern to further decorate the skirt at a bevel angle. The skirt is bold in terms of colors and the lace just adds a different visual effect. When wearing it, this skirt’s personality is highlighted no matter the color it is paired with, be it a dark top or a bright one.


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Similarly, UNAKU added a lace design to the smart and simple design concept of this blue professional dress, to bring out that noble and elegant femininity. The hem of the ruffle design on the shoulder and the skirt is covered with delicate black lace styles, making the different tonal blue dresses livelier. The elegant black meets the high-profile sapphire blue, allowing the feminine charm to reach its maximum! The shoulder lace detail design makes you different!

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