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Join The Unaku Treasure Island for a chance to Win Big

2020-05-07Click Volume: 2835

Join The Unaku Treasure Island for a chance to Win Big


Pssst! We are about to tell you the biggest secret ever told in 2020 [and no we don’t have the cure for the coronavirus...well not yet :-( ]!


Do you remember taking part in treasure hunts as kids no? Well since you’re staying safe at home, we are bringing you the biggest adventure in Nigeria to your smartphone, with the opportunity to get clothes, perfumes, kid’s shoes, Household goodies at a 90% discount meaning prices as low as ₦1000.

Click here to start your hunting!



So, without further ado, here are the details for this weekend's treasure hunt!


Here’s what you need to know!


What: The Unaku Treasure Hunt Island is a collection of clues that you have to find for a chance to win over 50 fabulous treasure boxes on our website.


When: The Unaku Treasure Hunt is going live and for May you will have a chance to complete the treasure hunt.


How to Play: you need to create an account on our website and that is the first clue and then you can just start searching the treasure boxes. Alternatively, you can click on the treasure hunting poster on our homepage, and follow to sign up or sign in, then you will be starting your hunting.

To make the game easy and fun, all you need to do to win is find a treasure box icon that is placed randomly on our website and click on it to see your prize ranging from clothes, perfumes, kid’s shoes, household goodies, vouchers, unaku points for exchanging fashion accessories and much much more.




Every prize you find and win will be shipped to you free of charge, and to get your prizes, the only catch is that you need to place an order for your prizes. If you have no idea on how to place an order on unaku web when you have found your treasure,You can also Click the Whatsapp icon or the Phone icon to enquiry, or click here to learn. Cash on Delivery is not available in Treasure Island.



To get more clues, you can join our treasure hunting group, click here to join.


Remember, you won’t get a sniff without registering as a user on our website! Now my babies, good luck and let’s get to hunting!!!


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