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Open your Brand Store Online Unaku

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Are you a fashion designer? 

Are you are store owner?

We are aware that a lot of designers and store owners had to close their stores because of the corona virus and the compulsory lock down initiated by various countries to avoid the spread of the virus. This sudden move has led to a major discomfort for, especially average income earners and their families. Those that stressed that they will kick start their online stores were stuck along the way because they had not put the necessary structures in place to make it happen.


Even those who have not heard of covid-19, African brands, need to unite and boost sales as customers are still struggling to buy imported inferior fabrics in small quantities. Offline boutique is important but online is essential to increase sales. is a platform owned by Chinese investors and Nigerian designers. Today, we’re calling on sister brands all over to join the empire.


You don’t need to bother yourself to set up a platform because we have done that for you. We would like to step in and assist you, so you can still observe your daily routine and do business with us from the comfort of your home. We are going to take the marketing and delivery burden off you and ensure you keep earning while staying safe. 


We have a complete system already set up to run your purchase: an e-commerce website, physical shopping location for drop-off, delivery groups, Lagos warehouse covering all Nigerian partners, WhatsApp inquiries, generated contents, frequent campaigns, offline fairs and our pay on delivery option. You have zero risks to bear. 


Why you need to open your Brand Store Online Unaku

UNAKU provides the Professional Services for you. There are several advantages for designers and store owners on UNAKU’s Online Mall:

Marketing Management System 

-We engage customers on your behalf through a variety of social media platforms to ensure that they are happy with your products.

-We provide the promotional activity and marketing campaigns to improve your brand awareness and sales.

Earn Cash

-According to the sales of your design and products, UNAKU supports cash withdraw and commission within 7 days.

-On UNAKU website, we have the function that will allow you to track your commission information at any time. 


Professional Support 

-We have a professional online shopping system and e-commerce website.

-We analysis the sales data and customer feedback and make recommendations for your improvement. 


Delivery System

-We have a warehouse for the inventory planning and delivery.

-We have 4 options for customers’ payment. We make sure customers can receive their goods within 1- 3 days after they place their order. 


To plug into this initiative as a shop owner here are a list of things you need to have:

1.One Year Selling Proof – You store must have been actively selling fashion related products for, at least, a year.

2.Good Communication Skill – You should be able to effectively communicate in English (Speak and write).

3.Familiar with Social Media – You must be conversant with the basic social media tools like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and so on.

4.Brand Awareness and Quality Assurance - Your product must be a brand with high quality and you should bring your own customers as you come. 


Steps to Open your Brand Store Online UNAKU

Step 1: Click this link log in/ sign up to create your UNAKU account, click ‘user center’, click ‘commission’, click ‘open my brand store’, and fill in the Application Form (You can ask for assistance via WhatsApp - 07067786808).

Step 2: After 24 hours, Unaku will communicate your product’s quality and quantity, process your online shop and settle promotion plan. If you have clear product photos and videos, we can discuss the operation details, and arrange the marketing content to get customers’ attention and convert interest into sales. We will utilize your current customer base and brand loyalty to get the potential customer attraction on different UNAKU platforms.

Steps 3: Click ‘commission’ to track your sale’s figure and make your withdrawal each week.


We need you to:

Tell us your brand story; provide more pictures and videos as our raw materials to create content for your brand’s marketing. 

Utilize your current customer base and brand loyalty to get potential customers attracted and bring them to UNAKU online mall.


For Delivery:

Brand vendor can select their own logistics delivery mode or UNAKUs.

Option A (self-Delivery): Brand vendors must adhere to the delivery timelines determined by UNAKU.

Option B (UNAKU Delivery): Before the goods of Brand vendor’s products are put on UNAKU’s online mall, the Brand vendor must cooperate with UNAKU to complete the delivery process and deliver all items to be sold to UNAKU warehouse 7 days in advance. They are to collect clear item codes to identify each product. 

Join us to achieve the vision of becoming the number one women fashion online mall.

Join our Whatsup group Here 

Please DM to 07067786808 to discuss more details with US. 


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