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Sell on UNAKU

2020-08-05Click Volume: 4675


Are you a fashion designer? 

Are you a store owner?

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Do you have a high quality woman clothing brand and want to sell online?

At UNAKU, Open your online store For Free.

Share your online store link to reach more customers.


We will handle your online store,

Deliver to your customers nationwide,

Enjoy our all-channel advertising and UNAKU fashion bloggers' promotion;


While all you need to do is to trace your incomes at your UNAKU dashboard and withdraw your money.


There are the 3 steps to open your store online UNAKU.

Step1: Visit, register your online store at UNAKU.

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Step2: After your store is authorized by UNAKU, this is how your store look like in UNAKU store or designer list. 

the final second.png

Then you can start to upload your products.  There are the steps to upload your products.



Steps 3: We will market your products at all UNAKU social media platforms, while all you need to do is to trace your incomes at your UNAKU dashboard.


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We have a complete system already set up to run your purchase: an e-commerce website, physical shopping location for drop-off, delivery groups, Lagos warehouse covering all Nigerian partners, WhatsApp inquiries, generated contents, frequent campaigns, offline fairs and our pay on delivery option. You have zero risks to bear.


Delivery System

UNAKU works with GIGL company. 

When there is customer's order, we will ask our deliver guy to pick up from you or you will go to gig office near you to deliver. UNAKU will pay the delivery fee. 



You can follow us at Instagram(unaku_fashion) and facebook(unaku africa fashion) and join our whatsapp group by click here.

Please DM to 07067786808 to discuss more details with US. 

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