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UNAKU Africa Fashion Designer Voting Program

2021-02-07Click Volume: 255

At present Africa’s Fashion Industry meets the challenges and opportunities, the world seems to be fascinated by African culture and design. However, African fashion designers are still trying to find an opportunity to spread their own fashion design idea.


UNAKU, a fashion brand exclusively for African women, is willing to be a bridge to discover these African designers, fashion enthusiasts, and buyers, which UNAKU plans to manufacture the design and provide the platform to sell.


Therefore, the Africa Fashion Designers’ “ Design Voting” program is offered by UNAKU to inspire creativity, discover and bring talent design, to do the mass production and sell on UNAKU Online Shopping Mall. 


There are the steps to Join UNAKU Africa Fashion Designers Voting Program:

(1)  Apply to be UNAKU fashion designers


(2) Upload your original design to your UNAKU design list and choose the “sale commission”as you design income.


(3)  Choose your design to join the voting program.



The Top 10 design will be selected the end of each month and displayed at the UNAKU Pre-order list. According to the pre-order sold number, UNAKU will decide the do the mass clothing production. Don’t be frustrated if you cannot reach the Top 10, since your voting number will be remained, just share your design with your friends or different social media platforms to keep looking for people to vote for your design. 

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UNAKU is super glad to cooperate with you, using your precious design idea to manufacture high-quality clothes for Africa fashion. As a UNAKU fashion designer, if your design was selected by UANKU, you can get:

* Grow the publicity of your clothing design

* Make your design available as a product to be sold to the customer

* Earn your designs’ sales commission as your income

All in all, UNAKU is thrilled looking for your connection. Just follow our instructions and you will get a ton of value from it once your drawings get chosen by UNAKU.


Earn points by answering questions

How many Top design will be selected at the end of each month and displayed at the UNAKU Pre-order list? (1points)
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