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UNAKU Brand Promise

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UNAKU wants to be the brand that reshapes your elegance after you have fallen in life; UNAKU wants to make your beauty the most unique in a sea of people; UNAKU wants to reenergize you whenever you feel tired; UNAKU wants to successfully bring you a happy casual luxury life. You can see our heart through our neatly finished and specially designed clothing. UNAKU wants to be part of the lives of women that are independent, strong and confident.


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For UNAKU, a brand is a promise delivered in the hopes of getting a loyal customer base, customer trust and positive evaluation. As the market changes, UNAKU remains transparent and in the process, the brand continues to value the participation of colleagues, customers, brand ambassadors, partners, designers and boutiques.


UNAKU therefore promises:

1. To provide quality service

· To offer 24-hour online services in case of any questions

· To be available for the Live Chat or Call at all times so that our clients can reach us immediately


2. Brand quality assurance

·  UNAKU insists on the importance of brand awareness and quality assurance which means all products from UNAKU are of high quality

· UNAKU customers get 7 days buyer protection as the perfect after-sales protection



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3. Payment and Delivery

· UNAKU has its own warehouse for inventory planning and delivery. It also has 4 options available for customer payment, especially the call to order and pay on delivery. We therefore make sure customers can receive their goods within 1-3 days.


UNAKU is here for you. We provide you with high quality service so that you enjoy the process of shopping and transformation into elegance, uniqueness and confidence when it comes to style.

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