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UNAKU Give away-Join our Referral Contest to get 50K gifts and 5k Cash!

2020-01-22Click Volume: 1645

   How To Make Money 

    While you Sleep with Unaku


Tired of waking up extremely early, perhaps the daily jammed routine with other half-asleep people or your boss yelling at morning briefings? Or otherwise looking for employment?


What if, instead of dealing with the monotony and stupor of the rat race to earn a few naira, you could make money at any time, from anywhere — even while you sleep?


That's what Unaku Referral Affiliate Program is all about!


With the Unaku Affilliate program, we give you a chance to make good money at the comfort of your living room in three simple step process.


(UNAKU is a brand selling women fashion clothing, household equipments, kids shoes, perfumes at in Nigeria)

Step 1, You will need to sign up free at

Step 2 Log in and go to your ‘user center’ to copy your affiliated link.

Step 3, Share your link to people or your blogs, social media as much as you can,where there are people who will sign up in our web for purchasing UNAKU products from our online shopping mall.

Once your friends have completed registration, your invite code will be there on their sign up page.

You can also share your invite code to them and ask them to fill in your invite code when they sign up free at our online shopping mall

If you have more than 50 true registers under your link, you can get ‎₦5000 by contacting us to withdraw into your bank accounts. In the case they have purchased so you will get 3-5% commission from their deal.

Guess what? We are having a referral contest for that!


Besides the 5,000 Naira for sign up and the commission from the deals, also, We will be rewarding the highest number of registers as well as sales under his or her affiliate link with a pack of gifts from our online mall, hitting the value of  ‎₦50,000.


Wondering how you can trace the numbers of sign ups under your link and your commission

It is traceable. You will click ‘commissions’ on ‘User Center’ to analyze and optimize your performance for a higher returns. Here, you can fill in cash withdraw information, check the register lists by your link and  your commission details from people’s order.


There you have it, folks. You now know how to generate passive income with Unaku Online Shopping Mall. This referral contest runs till February 10, 2020.

Click the 'sign up' button on the right bottom to register as our participant!

Our email is 

[email protected]

WhatsApp +2348083456810

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