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UNAKU’s Mission and Business Model

2021-06-10Click Volume: 1326

UNAKUs mission is to Unite fashion Enthusiasts to make Africa designs rise.

Now Africa has 1.3 billion people and this number will to 2.5 billion in the coming 30 years. But 90% of clothing is from foreign brands due to the lack of clothing factory locally. There is also development lag such as financing system, infrastructure building, allocation of resources and etc.

So UNAKU now is here to offer a solution.

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We need to Unite fashion Enthusiasts like designers, boutique owners, fashion bloggers etc to take part in by contributing what they are good at while UNAKU capitalizes the system and production so as to let Africa customers to wear our own national brand and in return, bring fashion Enthusiasts incomes. So it is a virtuous circle of economic ecosystem.

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The business model is as below:

Our target is to develop a famous clothing brand in Africa. The selling pattern could be online app and offline partner stores. The clothing will be designed by local designers and tailors, UNAKU will capitalize the production and share designers or tailors sale figure or design fee; The offline boutiques will get UNAKU clothing for free to sell and share commission. The fashion bloggers will be authorized as city partner to spread the brand around them and get passives incomes. People can check on join us at homepage of UNAKU app to get details.

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We hope to see all fashion practitioners can get good incomes and customers are proud of our own national brands quality.

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