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   Our brand name, Unaku is from Nakupenda, which is a Swahili word meaning I love you. It is the language of Kenya, Tanzania and other countries in Africa. Unaku and Upenda are the sister trading names of Unaku Upenda Group who is contributing to bring modern prosperity to Africa by making Clothes designer, Fashion Marketers and Partner Boutiques rich in building our common Female fashion brand-Unaku. Upenda is the platform for Africa designers to get benefits from their creativeness.


    Unaku Fashion targets middle and high women customers. Our design concept is elegance, uniqueness, energy and casual luxury. We mainly design office wear, occasional wear and high taste casual wear. The culture of our products is to let our customers still keep confident and elegant even she has suffered a lot, to be special with the unique style in the crowd of people, to be energetic in a busy life and to own a luxury life in casual days. So we use good quality fabrics and high-level sewing machine lines to express our excellent design idea. Customers could buy Unaku clothes from our official website


    We, in the trading name of Upenda, collect designs from Africa designers. The official designer web is We will sign a cooperation agreement with designers if we are going to enroll his or her designs in Unaku Producing Plan. Unaku Upenda will produce the approved designs in mass quantity and sell. We will have a page traced by the designers to get a commission from the sale figure of his or her designed clothes. We support Cash Withdraw every 15 days.

    For marketers like fashion bloggers and people who are fond of marketing part-time jobs, we have worked out an affiliate link for each one after registration. The link will also trace the commission if people buy Unaku clothes from their affiliate links. People can register as our marketer from We support Cash Withdraw every 15 days.

  For High-end boutiques, we have partner boutique service. Our Unaku shopping web also has B-end wholesale products with tiered pricing. (The price declines with the wholesale quantity rises ).We provide marketing support to boost the boutique's sells by shooting videos and posting in our official presence to cover thousands of people at least. We guarantee Buy-back service if the boutique has an overstock of Unaku clothes.

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